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Academic Programs

Electronics And Communication Engineering

The study of telecommunications engineering prepares and trains students to work on large telecommunications projects, and works with major companies that design the infrastructure of communications, where they study the basics of electronics and the way of working different electrical parts and the work of various projects and applications.

Electrical Power And Control Engineering

Control Engineering (also called Control Systems Engineering). We can define it as the practical application of control theory. It plays a key role in a wide field in the design of devices and systems in all areas, including aircraft, and also contributed to increase the efficiency of engines and reduce damage.

Mechatronics Engineering

This section focuses on the design, manufacture and maintenance of products containing mechanical, electrical and electronic components. It is a comprehensive department that combines the following sections: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Electronics Engineering.

Civil Engineering

It is specialized in building and construction and laying the foundations for the final design of the project and its application on the ground and overseeing its construction.Civil engineering is a science from which many disciplines include the construction of buildings, bridges and roads, the construction of gardens and irrigation, factories and companies, and sewage operations.

Architectural Engineering

The tasks of the architect in the field of construction, planning and design of projects, and focus in this specialization in cooperation with other team members, on the structure of the building and interior design, including: heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical matters, fire protection, lighting.

Dean Word

Dean Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ismail Ali Doma

My dear students of Pyramids Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology, In the beginning of the academic year 2022/2023 , it is a pleasure to congratulate all the students of the institute, old and new , for the new academic year. Our dear new students, I am pleased to congratulate you, in particular, for the first academic year in your life, also, commended you for choosing the great engineering profession to be the engineers of the future, who will be responsible for developing our country. While transferring to the university stage , you are going through more than one important stage. You move from a stage that was characterized by control, supervision, and guidance at home and school, in one way or another, to the stage in which you have a greater area of ​​freedom, and this freedom must be accompanied by a greater sense of responsibility. I hope that you develop your abilities, thinking, and creativity. My sons and daughters, I also invite you to put your feet on the first path of positive social practice through your participation in the activities available at the Institute in order to achieve the desired balance between creative education, high talents and practicing useful sports. Finally, I pray to God that everyone’s effort will be crowned with success, and that your study at the Institute will be fruitful, successful, and full of happy memories.

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