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About Institute

Who are we

The Pyramids Higher Institute (PHI) for Engineering and Technology is affiliated to Al-Baraka association for social and educative services which was populated with number 1637 on 3/8/2003. The institute was established by the ministerial decision number 2591 in year 2007, and it aims at preparing distinguished and specialized graduates who are able to work in the engineering field and qualified to deal with environmental variables and capable of meeting the innovative and creative capabilities required by the open and globalized labor market.


The Pyramids Higher Institute (PHI) for Engineering and Technology is working hard to be one of the leading and globally ranked institutes in the field of engineering and technological education which balances the needs of local development together with the global variables and challenges.


The Pyramids Higher Institute (PHI) for Engineering and Technology commits to prepare highly qualified graduates, who are committed to professional ethics and qualified to fulfill the needs and requirements of the local labor market and capable of keeping up with modern technological and engineering development as well as constructive and effective participation in the society development. Also the institute assures its commitment towards the activation and development of scientific and applied researches to provide the best service to the society and improving the educational process.


1- Preparing engineers at an outstanding level of competencewho are able to apply mathematical, scientific, and engineering knowledge and concepts in identifying, formulating and solving basic engineering problems.

2- Refinement and qualifying students with advanced scientific skills and information technology, upgrading their capabilities for analytical induction, creativity, design, experimenting, data analysis and interpretation.

3- Qualifying students to use the appropriate engineering techniques, skills and tools necessary for practicing engineering and project management and designing a system or process to meet the required needs within a set of restrictions and limitations

4- servingcommunity and the environment by providing consulting services, research studies and training to various community institutions, and through graduates who understand the effects of engineering solutions on society and the environment.

5- Encourage and support scientific research in its various professional fields, and the ability to know contemporary engineering topics

6- Developing a scientific environment that attracts students and stimulates creativity and development that guarantees the ability to work in multidisciplinary teams

7- Maintaining the selection of the best elements and competencies of the academic staff who have extensive experience and knowledge

8- Encourage and support self-learning and lifelong learning

9- Emphasizing the noble human values, deepening the value of national loyalty, preserving the original principles of society, and adhering to professional ethics

Chairman's Word

The study at the Institute is a distinguished study phase aiming at qualifying the student to face changing working conditions through a range of academic programs that meet the needs of the labor market as well as the requirements of the administrative and economic entities of the country.